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About Us

Fighting to protect your Internet

Our Story

DNSFlex started out in 2015, when a group of friends built a concept to help liberate the internet from a dramatic increase in online censorship, we view it as a violation of human rights and freedom of choice.   As the internet matured, it started to feel considerably disrupted and controlled.  ISP’s  notoriously engage in selective P2P throttling and government institutions invest a massive amount of effort prying on data for the purpose of mining, sharing and profiteering.  We took this as an opportunity to solution a product to evade these questionable tactics and bring back the open internet,  the way it should be.


Our prototype was shared amongst friends.  As demand increased so did our focus on being a public service provider.  For this purpose, we set out to expand our DNS Network globally across regions for the world to enjoy.  We are progressively updating our network to adapt to the needs of our customers.


DNS Security

Block spam and fake news with our advanced DNS Filtering Engine

Stop data exfiltration and execution of ransom ware encryption with DNSFlex DNS Security. One of the most common goals of malicious actors is to steal data. Data exfiltration refers to the successful sending of information out of an environment to an environment controlled by an attacker.


Parental Control

The quickest and simplest way to protect your family on the Internet.

Select from a myriad of categories including Pornographic content and Malware to keep your family safe. Features include a scheduler to manage online parental control policies and automated email alerts to notify you when someone visits a blocked website.


Smart DNS

Smart DNS HTTP Proxy with Region Switcher

Our Smart DNS Engine provides a level of autonomy on the session layer by selectively redirecting your HTTP requests for pre-selected websites to our Globally distributed Proxy servers. This method of transparency provides the fastest most efficient way possible to circumvent content restrictions, and does so without the need to install 3rd party software applications.



Protect your rights to privacy by encrypting your data with VPN

Data tunnelling using OpenVPN SSL/TLS, considered the most mature secure protocols. VPN offers full online data anonymity by building a high speed pseudo wire and encrypting all of your traffic between your home and the internet. Browse without borders and peace of mind with DNSFlex VPN.


Premium DNS

Home and Small Enterprise Managed DNS Solutions

We provide a powerful tool suite to allow you to manage internal DNS responses in your network before they reach the internet. This is otherwise known as 'DNS poisoning' or 'Spoofing' and it works by implementing a set of filters on our DNS Load Balancers that get applied immediately so that our customers have the best experience possible!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide an essential suite of tools for data encryption and online security, which can be used to mask your online identity and bypass regional content restrictions. DNSFlex does all this by supporting both DNS and VPN (OpenVPN) protocols ensuring compatibility on any operating system!


At DNSFlex, we strive to maintain customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 support and delivering a product that is multi-platform (mobile and desktop) compatible. Our Engineers are focused on excellence and customer success!

' Net neutrality was essential for our economy; it was essential to preserve freedom and openness, both for economic reasons and free speech reasons. '

- Julius Genachowski

Data Privacy Concerns

Rising Concerns about Businesses and Data Use 2017.  More than 95% of Americans surveyed in a recent poll said they were either somewhat concerned or very concerned about how companies use their data.


How concerned are you about data privacy and how companies use your data?

  • Very Concerned

  • Concerned

  • Not Concerned


Of people have limited their online activity in the past year due to spam and privacy concerns.


of people surveyed said they are more worried about their online data than over a year ago.

Our Guarantee

We, at DNSFlex take pride in honouring the trust of our customers by committing to respect data privacy as our top priority. Our servers are fully secure, we never share private keys and we will never ask you for private information.

Zero logging policy! We never log any activities of our users.

We never ask for your full name or address when registering with DNSFlex.

We don't log registration IP to ensure privacy, security and full anonymity

Zero DNS Query logging or web site browser history

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