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Parental Control

The easiest way to make your internet safe and reliable.

Internet Security for your Home

Use DNSFlex to protect your family even when your not home.  Use Parental control to protect and secure every device in your network.   Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, IoT, DVR and game consoles.  Quickly manage and apply parental control policies centrally using the DNSFlex control panel for instant protection across all your home devices.  Simple, safe and fast – it doesn’t get better than that!

Choose your Filtering Level

Our 54 pre-configured filter categories cover a wide array of online content,  updated frequently to deliver the most up to date domain names on the internet.  DNSFlex servers store over 100 million domain names available for filtering.  Within seconds, configure filters for instant protection on every device in your home.


Protect against all adult-related sites, illegal activity, social networking sites, streaming/video sharing sites and general time-wasters.


Protects against all adult-related sites, illegal activity (including drugs, hacking and gambling), violence and spyware related sites.


Protect against all adult and sex education related sites, including over 500,000 website domain names, fresh updates on a daily basis.


Customise your selection by choosing from any of the 54 Categories you want to block. Manage custom lists of select all categories, fast and instantly.

Find out which package is right for you


Our DNS infrastructure is constantly scraping the web for unruly, malicious and vulnerable attack vectors that can cause havoc on your network.  Let us to the heavy lifting while you enjoy peace of mind and security.


Flexible filtering options for the whole family

Category filters updated regularly

Simple and easy to manage dashboard

Over 50 Pre-configured Categories to choose from

Add blocking engine refreshed daily

Block Individual Websites


DNSFlex gives you the ability to mange access by blocking or explicitly allowing individual websites being accessed from within your network.  Our Advanced DNS filter can be configured fast, easy and instantly from the DNSFlex dashboard.



Do you want your filters to be enabled during a particular time or day of the month?  Our advanced filtering option gives you the flexibility to choose when to enable parental control or individual websites so that sites are blocked only during the time you specify.

Email Notifications


DNSFlex provides a configuration option to control what actions are taken when someone attempts to access a blocked website in your network.  You can choose to be alerted via email including, the website domain name and time it was accessed.  Don’t be kept in the dark,  help is a click away.

Landing Page

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers.  When an attempt is made to access a blocked webiste, we will redirect your web browser to a custom DNSFlex landing page, instructing the user that Policy filtering has been applied by the network administrator.  This way, proper corrective measures can be taken.